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Florida State Senate, District 1

Charlie Nichols served in Escambia County as a School Administrator for over thirty years. He is a retired honorably discharged Army veteran with 21 years of military experiences. He has had two gubernatorial appointments and served on many community and state boards and presently serves as Chair of the Senior Advisory Council (Council on Aging). Mr. Nichols has concerns with the current political climate and agrees with the following statements:

a. Families should have access to family planning and reproductive healthcare services

b. Pregnant women should have the right to make decisions about healthcare needs

c. Hands off our Social Security

d. Voting rights should be accessible, equal, and fair

Charlie Nichols Let us review a few of the possible dangers that may exist should the MAGA Republicans prevail in this year’s election:
Charlie Nichol's Ballotpedia page

a. There will be a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, climate change will be halted, no meaningful gun control legislation, and a ban on same sex marriage.

b. The U.S. Declaration of Independence reads, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

State Representative, District 1

Ms. Mathis' past and current community work and advocacy within District 1 demonstrates a willingness to identify, understand, and fulfill the needs of her community.

Years prior to Franscine Mathis' decision to run for office, she repeatedly displayed selflessness to serve when reaching out and helping District 1 members -- and as a proud Army Mom, with two sons, serving our country, Franscine Mathis also understands our veterans needs.

With a daughter in college, Franscine values the need for higher education.

Finally, as a working-class District 1 citizen, Franscine Mathis wants to fight the problems that affect our most vulnerable: poor water quality and the criminal justice system.

Franscine Mathis


State Representative, District 2

Carollyn Taylor works in the cannabis industry with a background in insurance and human resources. She was raised along with her brother and sister in Pensacola, Fla. Her mother is a nurse by trade and stayed at home to raise her children. Carollyn’s father is a Vietnam War veteran father with 20 years of military service and currently works at NAS Pensacola. Growing up in a military family instilled in Carollyn a tremendous patriotism and utmost respect for those who serve. 

Her political career was sparked when she saw Dr. Jennifer Zimmerman, a local Pediatrician, speak at a local Women’s March. Taylor said, “When Dr. Zimmerman announced she was running for Congress in 2018, I was excited because it was the first time I had ever seen a strong, diverse, woman running for office. And I was going to do my part to be the change I wanted to see.” 

Carollyn went on to manage Zimmerman’s congressional campaign. And though her candidate lost, Taylor knew she would continue to work in politics and was a Field Organizer for the FL Panhandle for Senator Elizabeth Warren's 2020 presidential run.  

She has since consulted and managed a variety of campaigns and in January 2021, Carollyn volunteered with the Georgia Democrats Voter Protection Team to canvass and cure ballots in the state’s Senate runoff election. One of Carollyn’s favorite quotes comes from her time in Georgia: “We don’t have a hierarchy. We’re too busy on the ground doing the work.” While curing ballots in GA, Carollyn witnessed the kind of democracy in action that contributes to the process of free and fair elections.  

Heading into her fourth election cycle, Carollyn Taylor is now a candidate running for Florida House District 2. Carollyn, lives in Pensacola with her spouse Lt. Kate Kasten, USN Retired, golden retriever Liberty Belle, and two cats, Ricky, and Leo. 

Carollyn Taylor  
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Escambia County School Board, District 2 

Ray Guillory is the parent’s voice for our children’s education. Ray is a lifelong resident of Escambia County. He grew up in Warrington, where he attended Warrington Elementary School and both Pensacola and Escambia High Schools. Ray and his wife, Brandy, have three daughters, Arizona, Charlotte, and Baylen. The two oldest graduated in 2022, and Baylen will graduate in 2033.

Ray Guillory was a Board Member of Workforce Escarosa and the Treasurer for the NWFL AFL-CIO.

“I don’t believe that the Board should act as if they are part of the Administration but should act as if they were the communities’ and parents’ watchdog in our children’s education. “

Ray’s Platform

  • Save failing schools, starting with the basics. Reading comprehension and Math skills.
  • Save failing students. Build relationships with parents and the community.
  • Make sure students are safe. Curtail bullying and violence.
  • Raise salaries and benefits in the school district to attract and retain the best and the brightest teachers and staff.
Ray Guillory “Schools are not just buildings; they are communities. So when we talk about saving schools, we are talking about saving communities and the students they serve.”
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City Council, District 2

Charletha became interested in politics at an early age because she witnessed the heartbreaking injustice of poor healthcare, fatal illnesses resulting from toxic waste dumping, disparities caused by food deserts, and the anguish of the jobless. Charletha is running for City Council to help create a thriving District 2 through her willingness to support everyone with resources and opportunities for generational health, wealth, and sustainability.

Charletha was born in Louisiana, but established deep roots in the Pensacola community. She is dedicated to the service of my city through active board memberships on the City of Pensacola Planning Board, Florida West Economic Development Alliance, and Ciclovia Pensacola. Charletha also served on the boards of Gallery Night Pensacola, the Mass Transit Advisory Committee for Escambia County, the Citizens Advisory Council Transportation Planning Organization, and as president of the Future Leaders of Warrington. Charletha is also an avid supporter of cancer research.

Charletha earned a bachelor's degree from McNeese State University, an MBA from Webster University, and a Doctorate from the University of West Florida.​ Charletha began her professional career as an educator and then went on to become a litigation manager with a large property and casualty insurance company. Charletha is currently a small business owner.

Charletha is married to Lawrence Powell and the proud mother of Christian and Kiersten, the bonus mom of Korana and Dimitri, as well as, the bonus grandmother of Amir. In her free time Charletha loves to read, take on DIY projects, and play with her lovable four-legged babies, Providence the Morkie and Ella Mae the Blue Pit Bull.​ 

Charletha Powell  
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Pensacola City Council, District 6

Jennifer Brahier

I have been honored to represent District 6 on Pensacola's City Council since 2018 and to have been selected by my peers to serve as City Council President this year. In my second term, I will continue to advance the projects that are important to the neighborhoods in my district.

I ran for office in 2018 to ensure that the “little guy” had a representative at City Hall who was responsive to their needs. For too long our district was run by those who seemed to care only about the opinions of those with power and influence. Four years ago, I promised to bring the prosperity of Pensacola to neighborhoods who waited too long for their turn.

Since 2018, I have been instrumental in renovating many of our parks and community centers, opening public access to our waterfront, spearheading programs to address water quality and tree preservation, voting for everything that Pensacola Police and Fire requested to achieve lowered crime rates and public safety, and to foster economic growth. Since I was elected, we have seen a 47% increase in CRA funds from new residents moving downtown, a 20% increase in the half-penny tax revenue from retail sales due to more people shopping here, and a 12% increase in the general fund revenue because of the population growth in District 6.

This economic boom in my district is the result of increased tourism, residential growth and new businesses opening their doors. However, we still have work to do to ensure we build affordable and attainable housing, protect trees and historic elements that make Pensacola unique, to ensure our long-time residents are not displaced, and that we fund resources to assist the homeless community. With economic prosperity also comes the responsibility to lift up everyone, and that is the work I do every single day.

Ann Hill To learn more about THE ANN PLAN, please visit my campaign website at:
Ann Hill's website https://reelectannhill.com or email me at [email protected]
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Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) District 2




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