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Onward to 2020

Are you interested in becoming a candidate for local, state or national office? The Candidate Recruitment Committee recruits and advises potential candidates ready, willing and able to give their time and energy to public service. We offer workshops for our candidates, campaign strategists, and volunteers in Pensacola. We are searching for committed Democratic leaders of integrity, ability, and vision.

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Escambia County Supervisor of Elections
850-595-3900 • 213 Palafox Place, 2nd Floor, Pensacola, FL 32502

Candidate Resources

Do your research if you are thinking about running for office. Before deciding to run, you will need to find answers to some questions, including: Which office is right for me? How much money will I have to raise? How much time will I need to spend campaigning?


Politics the Wellstone Way
NOI's Candidate Project: Should I Run? 
Emily's List: Making the Dough Rise (fundraising)
Why Don't Women Run for Office?


National Democratic Training Committee
(Free online training for Democratic candidates) 
Front Line Leaders Academy
New American Leaders Project
Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership
Democracy for America Training

Candidate training for women:
Running Start
Emerge America
Ruth's List Florida
Emily's List
Truman Project

Candidate training for LGBT:
Victory Institute 


2020 Qualifying Dates for Candidates

Federal and Judicial Offices: Noon, April 20, 2020 – Noon, April 24, 2020
State and Local Offices: Noon, June 8, 2020 – Noon, June 12, 2020

Petition Submission Deadline

Federal & Judicial Offices: Before Noon, April 13, 2020
State & Local Offices Before Noon, May 11, 2020

Changes in rules due to Covid-19 Pandemic:

  • Candidate qualifying forms can now be submitted via email.
  • Candidate qualifying forms requiring notarization have been updated to allow for online presence before a notary.
  • Candidate petitions can be collected and submitted via email; however, the voter signature must still match the signature on file. 



Offices Up for Election in 2020

United States President
Donald Trump (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

Representative in Congress
District 1: Matt Gaetz (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

State Attorney
William “Bill” Eddins (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

Public Defender
Bruce A. Miller (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

State Senator
District 1: Doug Broxson (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020

State House of Representatives
District 1:  Mike Hill (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020
District 3: Alex Andrade (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Pam Childers (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

David Morgan (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

Property Appraiser
Scott Lunsford (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

Tax Collector
Chris C. Jones (Democrat) • Term expires 1/2021

Supervisor of Elections
David Stafford (Republican) • Term expires 1/2021

Escambia County Commission
District 1: Jeff Bergosh (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020
District 3: Lumon May (Democrat) • Term expires 11/2020
District 5: Steven Barry (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA)
District 1: Vicki Campbell (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020
District 3: Dr. Cedric L. Alexander (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020
District 5: Dr. Larry Walker (Republican) • Term expires 11/2020


Circuit Court Judges, First Judicial Court
Group 10: W. Joel Boles • Term expires 1/2021
Group 16: Jan Shackelford • Term expires 1/2021
Group 17: Edward Nickinson • Term expires 1/2021
Group 20: Michael G. Allen • Term expires 1/2021
Group 22: Jennie Kinsey • Term expires 1/2021

Escambia County Court Judges
Group 2: Charles Young • Term expires 1/2021

Escambia County School Board
District 4: Patty Hightower • Term expires 11/2020
District 5: Bill Slayton • Term expires 11/2020

Pensacola City Council
District 1: P.C. Wu • Term expires 11/2020
District 3: Andy Terhaar • Term expires 11/2020
District 5: John Jerralds • Term expires 11/2020
District 7: Jewel Cannada-Wynn • Term expires 11/2020

Escambia Soil and Water Conservation District
Group 1: Betty Wilson • Term expires 1/2021
Group 3: Anne Bennett • Term expires 1/2021
Group 5: Vacant • Term expires 1/2021

Santa Rosa Island Authority
Thomas A. Campanella (elected by Precinct 94) • Term expires 1/2021

Century Mayor
Henry Hawkins • Term expires 1/2021

Century Town Council
Seat 1: Ann Brooks • Term expires 1/2021
Seat 2: Luis Gomez, Jr. • Term expires 1/2021